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Southern Red Cedar

Red Maple

Live Oak

Bald Cypress
American Elm

Water Oak

Pignut Hickory

The photos that you see on this page represent the uniqueness of McKeithen Growers.  We don’t just grow native trees; we grow native trees that you don’t typically find in one stop, or are hard to find – period.

The Standard S. Red Cedar (Left) is 100 gal. x 15-16’ ht. x 4.5-5” cal.  This is perfect for the customer who wants something different that you just don’t see in everyday landscapes.

The American Elm (Right) is 100 gal. x 15-16’ ht. x 4-4.5” cal.  These have been sheared for maximum fullness, so as they grow into a larger tree they will have much wider canopy.

The following trees are also currently available in 100 gal. containers:  Red Maple, Southern Red Cedar (full to the base), Native Southern Magnolia, Live Oak and Bald Cypress.

100 gal. trees currently in production; estimated will be ready by 2012: Sweetbay Magnolia, Slash Pine, Pond Cypress, Winged Elm, Dahoon Holly and Sweetgum.

Water oaks, popash and pignut hickory are now available in 30 gal. sizes and eventually in 10, 15 & 45 gal. containers.

These trees are also in production and are ready now or will be ready soon in various sizes:  Chickasaw Plum, Redbud, Loblolly Bay, Blackgum (Swamp Tupelo), Cherry Laurel and Needle Palm

Dahoon Holly

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